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Earth is Merely a Matrix & Life’s Merely a Recruitment Test. (Pictured above) Jesus Christ’s Faith Building Practice

About Me: Devoted Jesus Christ follower in training and plan to be continually until I’m promoted. Jesus Christ is the most beautiful, the King of ALL Kings, the Alpha Omega, beginning and end, Head of all principalities and powers, Jehovah Jireh-my provider, El Shaddai, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Messiah, Savior, My Lord, GOD, Teacher, Master, Great Physician, Healer, Intercessor, worthy to be praised, everyday, multiple times a day. Until promotion, three days later post resurrection and on again into eternity. Jesus Christ is WORTHY to be PRAISED!

My site, is dedicated to spreading the good news, gospel, healing and hope that people can find in a relationship with Jesus Christ. On my site you will read my testimony of how Jesus Christ answered my prayer and plea for help one evening in 2015. I am so grateful to the miraculous trans-formative power of Jesus Christ and the impact he has had on me, that I’m extremely loyal to my service, to surrender my life, learn, grow in belief and faith and grow as close as possible in relationship with Jesus and include him in my life everyday. I publicly gave my life to serve him through water baptism on April 23, 2016.

In addition, this site maintains a goal to evangelize and flood social media platforms with Jesus Christ, spread the gospel and the hope that a relationship with Jesus Christ can provide to people suffering. Everyday, our minds are subjected to (often) negative materials (mental programming) that continuously romanticize sin; whether it be promoting coveting, lust luring people into addictions etc. I believe our youth are commonly subjected to negative programming through fun and energetic music with truly destructive verbal words attached. I believe as Christians we need to evolve and become more creative because if we don’t also provide fun and energetic music that appeals to today’s youth, Satan will, currently is and will continue to.

We are in a heavy invisible spiritual battle and Satan works to convince people those who recognize this battle are crazy and works to convince humans that spiritual battle exists. Satan also thrives on deception and is only as powerful as his ability to deceive people is. I also believe Satan has a stronghold on humans when it comes to human suffering by convincing people that we should be happy all the time and the only one truly suffering is you. The Bible clearly tells us that Christ followers must share in Christ sufferings in order to share in Christ’s glory. (Romans 8:17).

Suffering is inescapable no matter what side you serve and when we develop a relationship with Jesus we can see how coveting what others have as opposed to gratitude leads to further sin and depression. How the light of God’s word can lead to being free from Satan’s lies, deception, yokes, bondages and strongholds.

I believe our minds are consistently being subjected to negative mental programming and that we can counter-act negative media by promoting positive Christ centered media: flood social media platforms, spread awareness and truth, expose deceptions, work together to send red flags to the flock and encourage awareness focused on protecting your mind by being mindful of lyrics and material your subjecting your mind to.

In other words, If your trying to stop a particular sinful behavior, you don’t want to expose your mind to television or songs  that are promoting and/or romanticizing it. If you feel depressed, the last thing you want to do is dwell in depressing music. Healing music for relaxing is one thing, lyrics that are full of darkness, pity, and dancing along the lines of expressing suicidal type ideations is another thing. If your angry, listening to hardcore heavy metal will not relieve the anger and merely instigate it.

I’ve seen Christians spreading the gospel and posting biblical verses; this is great and helpful in spreading the gospel. My efforts try to implement a similar goal, yet I acknowledge that Billions of dollars are being spent each year to promote (sometimes) unhealthy and sinful behaviors to push and sell products. My social media evangelism pushes creativity in an attempt to spread gospel, Christ Centered behaviors, positive words, hope etc, and truly work diligently in an attempt to grab people’s attention so they receive a message that there’s hope for suffering and healing that comes in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I am seeing more Christians become more creative in music and are trying to appeal to youths. I am supportive of this creative approach despite some that argue against it. I believe positive Christ centered words and repetitions in a song with a fun musical beat are far better than the same beat encouraging youth to drink, party, lust and sell their souls to darkness. If Christianity doesn’t evolve to try to appeal to youth in new and different artistic approaches, the enemy will monopolize the influence of youth with darkness and negative programming, thus polluting and aiding in the corruption of the minds of youths in America.

Social Media provides the platform to influence and evangelize worldwide. I believe It’s imperative that as we work together on the mission to spread the gospel, we take advantage of these outlets to reach more people and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

One final thought, I have a deep concern over the Bible being pushed out of public schools and the United States Pledge of Allegiance no longer being cited because of reference to God. I’m contacting publishers to try to get a Children’s picture book published, that’s biblically supported, yet has no reference to biblical scriptures. I believe we need both Christian books that speak of Jesus and teach scriptures; however, we also need Christ focused teachings and behaviors that can bypass the social blocks and barriers to get back through the doors of public schools. If you’ve looked at the most popular children’s movies, cartoons and shows, you will see that the common themes promotes magic, sorcery etc and a lot of concepts the Bible stands against. These movies, shows, books are dressed up in cute and harmless ways and delivered to the minds to program children during their most impressionable years.

Sadly, atheists can convince a nation to push God out, yet the door is open to children to be programmed with material the Bible stands against. I’m not supporting super legalistic religion here, my point is, if they can push the word “God” out of the public school system and then allow the socially accepted “harmless fun” into public school’s during a holiday school party and the movie completely promotes everything the Bible stands against. I believe we need to create Christ focused lessons and behavior materials, packaged the materials up in fun and creative ways, negate any biblical references so they can reach all children and bypass all social resistance. The bullying statistics in the USA are a sign this nation needs Jesus Christ, the Great Physician and when the enemy creates a barrier, we just need to ask God for his strategy on how to successful manuveur around it!

Go Team Jesus!

John 8:32 “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

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