Adrenal Fatigue vs. Depression

In the beginning of this year, I went through a number of distressing situations that seemed to overwhelm me and impact me at once. It was as if a tidal wave hit my life with and my body couldn’t absorb all the distress.

The doctors said that the psychical sickness was due to depression and that I needed anti-depressants and I disagreed  stating that I was emotionally distressed from very critical life factors and I wanted to be examined and having had previous experience with anti depressants and suffered very bad with side-effects, I refused the medication and turned to researching ways to help myself.

I learned that significant life stress and crisis can deplete magnesium and potassium and you’re body can not only mimic depressive symptoms, you can also experience heart palpitations and other health related issues like “Adrenal fatigue,”  which is not accepted by the medical community as they affirm it can’t be diagnosed and confirmed with a blood lab.  Interestingly, one might argue that they accept depression which is also not confirmed through a blood test and is based off “symptoms alone” and is highly expensive to treat with medication and yet depression is accepted by the medical community?

I’d argue that it’s far cheaper to treat a potential nutritional imbalance so why not treat the nutrition and vitamin deficiencies first, prior to extremely costly anti depressants? How isn’t it mere logic that extreme stress can negatively impact the body? Imagining life crisis is a mere chemical imbalance and your body isn’t crying out for nutritional support or assistance with support to help it respond to distress? The Naturopathic community does view Adrenal fatigue as a contributor to distress and the educational materials are blasted all over Utube in ways you can treat physical symptoms naturally, yourself.

It’s unfortunate that there’s division between the Naturopathic and Medical Communities as you would think that overall care of a human would include both nutritional and natural methods in addition to a medication route and yet there’s no collaboration between the two and healthcare only covers the medication only, non alternative path to treatment options.

I researched further to try to understand how the medical doctors I saw, couldn’t treat the distress and physical symptoms I was under and learned that medical doctors are not versed long in “nutrition” and are often not educated much (if not at all on Nutrition) google the ordeal, Utube search it, the information and studies are out there on the amount of actual nutritional education medical doctors receive. You’d think nutrition is an extremely vital component to a medical doctor’s education as nutrition impacts the whole body and contributes to preventative disease and combating health issues. Interestingly, medical doctors are trained to treat and mitigate symptoms by pushing medications and the naturopathic is more focused on preventing illness and healing.

I learned that Legislators tried to enforce a mandatory 7 Hours of Medical doctors to receive mandatory nutritional training and it was heavily fought and opposed. (See below). If the barrier between collaboration between two medical/nutritional practices is greed as you need to push the consumption of medications and paid political lobbyists fight consistently to protect profits, people may want to start truly becoming their own health advocates and not just agree to take every pill for every issue that’s offered. This is not pointing a finger at any one particular person or group. This is stating that greed in human care has become a barrier to our health and there’s good and bad car salesmen and women in every profession and consumers need to be aware of the implications and take control of their own health. People need to be aware of the issues, greed, political implications and advocate for their own health and research and read and protect their families.

*** Medical Associations OPPOSED Mandatory Nutritional Training for Medical Doctors:

Please see documentaries on Netflix such as “What the Health and Fed Up.”

Since the beginning of the year I’ve researched nutrition myself and I’m feeling much better and very happy I did not take anti depressants. Apparently this is what someone with severe bed ridden depression looks like:


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