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Society needs mentors. And although unfortunate, the nation’s just not overflowing with an abundance of volunteers. My thought? We need to pay them $20-25 an hour will get men & women to sign up to support a youth an hour a week. It’s sad you have to pay people but time is everyone’s most valuable asset,… Read Article →

I’m not a “runner” I’ve never been a runner, God did not build me or anoint me for that. Honestly, I’ve “disliked” running since I was a kid and I remember when the mile run was enforced at school and I always got some uncomfortable gnawing cramp in my side or my lungs felt like they were… Read Article →

So you’ve read the Paper Pusher’s Prescription for Self Hate? It was a blog where I discussed the importance of daily random acts of kindness done in secrecy without recognition to develop self-love? Perhaps you’ve been participating in such acts in addition to hanging up post-it notes with positive assertions all over your walls yet… Read Article →

Don’t love yourself?Take the Random Act of Kindness Challenge for 30 days-1 kind act per day & don’t tell anyone what u did “no recognition” Examples: if you work in city – buy a box of protein bars and hand out to homeless Raining lately? Buy an extra umbrella and carry it with you. When… Read Article →

I was reading the news and saw an article in the Washington Post, that 40 Russians were killed from alcohol poisoning from drinking bath lotion in Siberian City. Apparently people who are socially disadvantaged are turning to household products to numb emotional pain without the high cost of alcohol. I used to numb severe trauma… Read Article →

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