Being Forced to Find Joy with Little is a Gift

‪”Being Forced to Find Joy with Little is a Gift.”‬

Today my son and I were at Target and my son ask me to buy him a new pillow. It amazed me at the level of joy and excitement he had with me buying him a $3.50 pillow. It was disheartening but at the same time I said “Wow! That’s quite a spiritual gift you have if you can find joy in a $3.50 pillow!

Struggling isn’t fun and any single mother lacking support understands my pain; however, I’ve realized there’s a actually a gift within the struggle because when you struggle you develop a deeper appreciation for things.

You’re also forced to find gratitude and joy in things you may have never considered before. My relationship with Jesus has taught me how to find joy in the storm as opposed to thinking I need to wait on joy to come once the storm is over. I’ve found it helpful to conduct an “it could always be worse assessment” and be grateful it’s not as bad as all the worse life case scenarios my mind presents to me.

Sadly, you often hear of celebrities committing suicide, or people overdosing and these individuals have fame and money and yet materialism doesn’t cease human suffering. There’s a lot of suffering in this world so learning to find joy through the trial is a wonderful training Jesus Christ gives us. We may grit our teeth through the struggle, but I like to remember the Lord chastises those he loves and when the storms over, you will have a useful tool for life. What a gift to know how to find joy despite a heavy trial and a hurricane of a situation.

Praise our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!