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In my walk to follow Jesus, I often will be led to biblical questions and find an array of debates and commentary over biblical verses and concepts.

Often, when considering a debated concept, I will reference direct actions of Jesus and how Jesus responded to issues and behaved. I will cling to the words in red as I feel, the direct quotations of Jesus Christ are “Verily, Verily, Verily… important.”

About six months ago, I wanted to understand why God would provide dietary laws and food restrictions in Leviticus and then revoke them in the New Testament? Did Gods purpose and reasoning for restricting foods change? I wanted to know why God would want us to care for our temples (bodies) and then revoke any and all form of instructions on how to eat?

Initially, the verse that truly deemed that Jesus justified “all meats clean” was in Mark 7:19. I was drawn to this verse in KJV and when I looked for the other translated texts, I noticed that the KJV differed, as the other translations added parenthesis informing the reader what Jesus was meaning by the parable stating (In saying this Jesus Decared All Foods Clean). I was led to a commentary and learned that the original Greek manuscripts didn’t add parenthesis informing readers what Jesus meant? And in Deuteronomy 4:2 were told not to add or diminish from the word. Why do you need to clarify and tell readers what Jesus means?

If you study the scripture prior to Mark 7:19 were given more context as to what Jesus is describing. See commentary below “The Surprise Sayings of Jesus Christ – Did Jesus meat?” The commentary provides the background of the washing of hands and direct context of Jewish handwashing purity ceremonies and the spiritual principles of purification. Jesus isn’t claiming all foods are clean and we can disregard all original established laws by God here. Jesus is explaining that ceremonial washing is not necessary for spiritual purity or sound spiritual health.

Even more interesting is the depiction of Peter and how a spirit led him to believe all meats were clean and he was questioning his own vision in Acts 10:16-17. I often think that biblical prophesy is the most uncomfortable gift because if you prophesize something, you are deemed a false prophet until it happens. Also, if it doesn’t happen, you are a false prophet for potential being misled by a lying or divinatory spirit. Either way, not a comfortable place to be in and I wonder if Peter faced this.

I still had questions regarding dietary laws so I tried to study passages where Jesus is eating. I wanted to know exact biblical references noting him eating. Prior to the last supper he tells his disciples to prepare Passover meal. Some Jew commentaries suggest since Jesus was a Jew and they ate lamb during Passover, Jesus must have eaten lamb as all Jews did. That’s not sound enough for me, I wanted exact biblical reference because that’s like stating if you’re Chinese, you eat wontons, because every Chinese-American eats wontons. That argument is not valid.

The only scripture I could find was after Jesus was resurrected and he appeared to his disciples. In Luke 24:42, Jesus appears and asks for meat and eats broiled fish in front of them. I was puzzled by this and studied further? A person raised from the dead is hungry? It didn’t makes sense to me and I started researching commentary on misunderstandings of Mark 7:19 (referenced below) and was led to realize that Matthew, Mark and Luke don’t agree with one another and how the principle of the synoptic gospels forces us to choose between the accounts of Matthew and Luke and not only regarding the concept of Jesus eating fish but on every other issue. (Review Commentary)

Although the Bible tells us not to add or diminish from the word, I am noticing that there’s Tares mixed with the wheat and some are willing to take the chance. While I’m not trying persuade anyone to leaning towards any specific way, I’m just pointing out that Satan Deceives the Entire World and that myself and everyone else included.

I believe we all have an independent walk with the Lord. Some know more scripture than others and some see through things other might not notice. Inevitably, we will see and receive the information that conforms to our beliefs and what’s the most acceptable and unintrusive to our lifestyles.

In other words, if you are practicing fornication outside marriage, you will cling to any biblical support that suggests times have changed and the law is no longer required. If you believe animals shouldn’t be killed, you will cling to all materials that promote not eating meat. If you love to eat pork, you will highlight everything you can that supports all meats being clean and people like to receive, what we want to hear.

The same is true with our health. You might think meats necessary for building muscle and cling to articles in bodybuilding sites. The sites are funded by the sales of protein powders and supplements, just as your favorite fitness celebrities are paid by the promotion of products. What turns an herbavor dinosaur into this massive dinosaur? Why is our human teeth structure the same as herbavors and not like carnavours? World health organization released a report that processed meat and some meats have carcinogens that are ranked as level 1, right up there with cigarettes. If we looked at biblical laws and the dietary restrictions, could God have been protecting us from health issues? If God instructs us to care for our bodies and our temples, would he not instruct us in any way on how to do this? How does what we eat effect our mental health, prevent sickness? In Genesis 1:29 “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be used for meat.”

The promotion of nutrition and preventative health has not been well grasped in the United States and I find it interesting that nutritional and the Naturopathic community is deemed the alternative approach to healthcare. God’s method, took a back seat when it comes to our health. While nutrition and herbs that have helped people thousands of years for certain illnesses have not been regulated nor are covered treatment options, I see greed being a barrier to health.

We can look towards biased research but we need to learn how to pinpoint flaws and consider if the information is being funded by people trying to support their own revenue promotions and agendas. The China Study, T. Colin Campbell, is a 20 year research study that discusses nutrition and its role in preventing sickness and disease. It’s worth reviewing. One might question why nutrition and prevention is not the ultimate priority or starting point in treating sickness and mental health issues.

Again, we have free will and receive or reject any information we choose to. Be mindful of the source of the research information, who conducts it, who funds it and most importantly, do your own research. Let the Lord guide you into making the best decision for yourself. Typically, the information that produces revenue will be layered on top and bolded for you. You need to sift through and dig deeper for truth and we have the right to do that and no one should condemn you or your walk. That’s between you and Yeshua.

Matthew 7:7 KJV

”Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek and you will find; knock, and it will be opened unto you.”

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