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I don’t like titles, I just don’t care for them. IF I have to have  a ? “Ly” title the only one I’d want to flash around proudly or have hanging beside a desk is “servant of JESUS.” Please make sure “servant” is ALL lower cased & JESUS is CAP locks  

Does Science explain there’s no God? Or is science merely describing God’s process? Perhaps when God created heaven & earth… the Big Bang WAS God’s Process?

If the only way to know Jesus’s exact birthday is through astrology… then I think that’s a strong indication that Jesus doesn’t celebrate a “me” day. Obviously, he doesn’t want us to know it or celebrate it. If Jesus wanted his birthday recognized and observed the exact date would have made it into the Bible.

James 1:4 KJV “But let patience hv [her] perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” “If being rich doesn’t necessarily equate to being happy, then learning how to find joy while being poor [in a financial sense] is a gift from God. Praise my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!” #JesusSaves #LessIsMore… Read Article →

3X Counter Move: Don’t Curse Yourself Don’t curse yourself. If you proclaim a (-) word, correct the statement by repeating 3 (+) counter words – if you proclaim you’re F@T outloud, correct the statement or you’ll manifest F@T. You can counter by stating “I AM HEALTHY, I AM HEALTHY, I AM HEALTHY Joel 3:10 KJV… Read Article →

I used to stand at the greeting card aisle in a store for like an hour… Trying to buy cards for people because you feel like it’s appropriate. Once you finally find a card that fits their personality, interests or likes, you’ll look inside and read the greeting only to grit your teeth. It either… Read Article →

When the Lord says we should live life more abundantly – I think people associate that with materialism.  In reality, I think it’s referring to the spiritual tools and gifts the Lord teaches and distributes to us that make life joyful no matter what financial level or conflict. Can you smile and find joy, meaning or… Read Article →

Lesson RE: Melon Delivered via Random Bird in Sky I spent the yesterday afternoon with my 12 year old little brother Jesse. I was following him on a log we were walking on and some birds flew over and descended down. One bird was flapping close above my brothers head ( 10 feet feet above)… Read Article →

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