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Flooding Social Media with Jesus, Gospel, Hope and working to combat negative media exposure to the people of God. Counter-acting the daily romanticizing of sin, sinful attitudes, negative behaviors, vanity, lust, coveting etc, with positive Christ centered material. Spreading the message of hope that lies in a relationship with Jesus Christ worldwide.

“Freedom to Believe or Not to Believe” A call out to social media platforms, please kindly stop censoring Christian content. The United States has the largest population of professed Christians in the world and I ask that you stop censoring Christians. I pray you re-think banning and censorship and if it continues that new outlets… Read Article →

If you’ve read my testimony, I truly feel this documentary is worth exploring to see another viewpoint of the system. As with any information, I highly encourage that you research for yourself and form your own beliefs and opinions based on your own research. I also believe we should always look for unbiased sources of… Read Article →

Project STALL: Positive Affirmation Nation I think the public and private educational system, businesses, corporations, governmental agencies and public offices should create a post-it poster like the picture above and hang in all restroom stalls for an enforced positive affirmation sessions. We see advertisements and this concept utilized to sell humans products, but I think… Read Article →

In the movie Forest Gump, Forest is being chased down by a group of men throwing rocks from a truck that’s trying to run him over. The funny music the producers play brings humor through a seriously traumatizing situation. The theme throughout this film shares that similar theme of traumatic events that Forest brings a… Read Article →

The day you believe you know so much that you believe a random person standing next to you has absolutely nothing they can offer or teach you, is the day you stop learning. There’s something you can learn from any and everyone. 1111Zion1111

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