For the Love of God – the Lights Came On

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The sound of a lawn mower was humming at a distance from the city of Apple Hill’s baseball field. A warm breeze that smelled of fresh cut grass and sunscreen, gently dried the sweat off Abner’s forehead, as he gripped his baseball bat and positioned himself into a batter’s stance. The team’s pitcher, Billy Bullae… Read Article →

In the movie Forest Gump, Forest is being chased down by a group of men throwing rocks from a truck that’s trying to run him down. Throughout the film, Forest ironically shows a positive response to what most people would consider to be seriously traumatizing situations. A walk home with Jenny, to Free Dr. Peppers… Read Article →

If you dwell in self pity, you’ll catch depression. Conduct an it could always be worse assessment. Compassion for yourself while going through a trial is one thing, self pity is another. You’re an overcomer, you’re a survivor, you’re going to get through this part of the test! Embrace the training as it builds endurance… Read Article →

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