Children’s Stories

I’d like you to meet Abner, a young boy whose baseball team’s pitcher, Billy Bullae is taunting him, “Hey everyone! Ab-Nerd bats with a slow-sloth-speed, great if he competes with a slow-sloth-team!”

Questioning himself and the validity of Billy’s statements, Abner begins to come into agreement with the negativity as he starts to verbally affirm to himself, “I’m a Sloth?” With each negative affirmation, Abner begins to see his reflection start to change into a sloth!

Abner’s devastation leads him into a silly encounter involving his Uncle’s parakeet which helps to alter Abner’s use of negative verbal statements. The learning experience from the ordeal leads Abner to positively affirm his way to victory by overcoming personal defeat.

Abner Not Ab-Nerd

A children’s short story that utilizes a silly encounter Aunt Dorcas has with her two nieces while babysitting. The story is geared towards anti-bullying prevention and creates a visual learning tool for children to understand the impact both kind and negative words have on others. Wilt Thou Grow uses the analogy of a flower that grows with positive words and wilts with negative words and applies the same scenario to child communications.

Wilt Thou Grow?