Imagine Satan’s Veil & Jesus is Light


Imagine Satan is real & his networks are real  (if you’re a non believer)

Absorb and recognize Satan’s plan is to kill, steal and destroy

Imagine Nutrition “DOES” severely impact “mental & physical health & the promotion of human sanity and well being
Imagine Satan’s networks raise the prices of foods that make us healthy and support our well being so the cost is untouchable for most to support

Imagine true herbal antidotes not being marketed and if they are marketed in common chain stores they don’t quite measure up in content to truly meet humans need to be effective

Imagine a lack of nutrition from food and water is making humans physically & mentally sick
Imagine these people rushing to doctors & psychiatrists
Imagine the “enemy” forcing people into a high Pharma consumption system and his evil networks leaving natural & safer alternatives of treatment uncovered by healthcare so people struggling to Support all of the other evil initiatives by paying outrageous taxes, rents, car and healthcare insurances premiums “can’t afford” to buy on their own accord

Imagine these drugs are often dangerous and making people debilitated, sicker and the side effects are causing more meds to be administered and more diagnosis are the result

Imagine side effects are causing worsening health & mental issues, abnormal and sometimes aggressive behaviors and enhanced human suffering

Absorb the fact that Satan is a liar & deceiver of the world

Jesus is the “light” of the world and he can remove Satan’s veil and cause a human to see the lies, the “truth” and the spiritual war

Imagine all the twists and lies and plots of Satan being shown to you

You see him polluting and altering music frequencies and polluting the world with his messages
You see Satan’s manipulation and hand on media
You see his deceit working in some people who claim to be Christians and you see people being mis-directed by websites that make statements citing bible verses as backing – yet if you look up their cited biblical sources, there’s no biblical backing to their statements at all

You see him convincing most the world we are of “physical existence” when we truly are “spirits having an earthly experience” and we are being tested and we are being judged

There’s a state of being and Jesus allows “some to see” there’re truths that are hidden and the only way to see them is to establish a relationship, repent, turn from sin and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ

You may not see… And imagining what is stated above will not make sense to you. I understand it won’t. I just wanted to deliver this idea into the world for people to reflect and think on. Perhaps this will make more sense to you as time goes on. You can claim you have Jesus and still not see, if you have Jesus and continue to walk a sinful life.

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