Land on Any Side Equates to Options

Look around and If you have land to place your feet on in at least ONE direction, that’s a GOOD indication…. you’ve got options. Lost at sea…? Water on all sides…. No land in sight?

I was talking with my son and this came up. I asked my son “Do you see water surrounding us on all sides? Are we trapped on a boat lost at sea with no land in sight?” He responded “no mom were not.”

There are homeless people who can and have survived months and years on the streets with no job or income and they survive. We can live in fear or look at the reality of the situation… look around… what do you see?

I SEE OPTIONS….. NOW… “IF” I was lost at sea…. No land in site…. I’d pray to JESUS and ask that he  sends in a strong wind that would blow me in the right direction… so even then…. Nope… don’t panic – pray. “But son look at this….. you’re surrounded by options….”