Message to the Flock

If you’ve read my testimony, I truly feel this documentary is worth exploring to see another viewpoint of the system. As with any information, I highly encourage that you research for yourself and form your own beliefs and opinions based on your own research.

I also believe we should always look for unbiased sources of information. Question the funders of studies, consider conflicts of interests, follow money, research and learn to critique data within research and identify how it can be manipulated.

You only have one health, I believe were in a season when you need to be your own health advocate to safeguard yourself and family. There’re bad car salesmen and women in every profession and also good people who are in their careers with good and positive intentions. I’m merely sharing this to provide another viewpoint and encourage you to research and explore for yourself and to spread awareness, spark discussions and encourage people to research beyond the mere surface of things, especially when it relates to the health of your children who are vulnerable to.the decisions you make for them.