For the Love of God – the Lights Came On

Audio – the reason I chose to acknowledge the Birth of Jesus Christ, despite no direct biblical reference and also the reason why I picked 9/11 to recognize it. I’m okay with the world thinking this is silly… I’m a happy “Fool for Christ.” Praise Jesus!

“Labels; Ego-Helium, Can help fuel someone’s Arrogance.” #Humility #Ego #Arrogance #Pride #Deception Dana Louise

A grain of sand represents the earth experience; eternity is the representation of the rest of the sand (time) amongst a vast beach. Instant gratification, never pays. #Forfeit #Soul #Bowl #Of #Stew #Bible #Esau Genesis 25 (Also See Matt 16:26) Dana Louise

Wilt Thou Grow One verily, verily, lovely, afternoon. A peculiar lady, named Ms. Dorcas, arrived to babysit her two nieces. Ms. Dorcas’s was so happy her sister and brother in law had an event to attend, she couldn’t wait to see her 3 and 5 year old nieces. “Girls, Auntie Dorcas is here” said Mrs…. Read Article →

Recorded while driving to work this morning. Blog about having spiritual perspective on suffering and how the Alpha Omega Master Teacher Jesus Christ is a priceless example with his response to soldiers casting lots for his clothes, while he hung to die. Praises to you Lord Jesus!

Celebrating Jesus: Project Balloon – Thank you Note. Last year, to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I held a Christ Remembrance Day with my son and two of my younger brothers. We painted a lantern to indicate Jesus is the light of the world. We baked cupcakes and decorated them with candied crosses, had… Read Article →

Project STALL: Positive Affirmation Nation I think the public and private educational system, businesses, corporations, governmental agencies and public offices should create a post-it poster like the picture above and hang in all restroom stalls for an enforced positive affirmation sessions. We see advertisements and this concept utilized to sell humans products, but I think… Read Article →

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