Stop Building Prisons & Start Preventing Criminals

Society needs mentors. And although unfortunate, the nation’s just not overflowing with an abundance of volunteers.

My thought? We need to pay them

$20-25 an hour will get men & women to sign up to support a youth an hour a week.

It’s sad you have to pay people but time is everyone’s most valuable asset, so let’s be real about it. Youth need mentors and by investing in youth we will be saving in the long run.

If you pay a “mentor” $25 hour to meet with 3 troubled youth a week – then for $75 bucks a week you’re helping to prevent three young men or women from falling into a life of delinquency. For $300 a month you are giving three struggling youth a positive male or woman figure that can provide them hope and a push in the right direction.

-greatly impact their life
-reduce delinquency
-alleviate burden of police officers consistently responding to calls to single parent homes & troubled teens because there will be a supportive male role model in place

– reduce teen pregnancy – talk about the birds and bees

– reduce teen suicide and depression by proving support
-government should conduct a study and do a practice run in a troubled city and if the results prove positive & effective they should take it nationwide

-Design a system and recruiting process – have professionals develop qualifications and personality characteristics of these mentors
Make them attend a “paid training”
Ensure they will be stable and consistent
Background check
Drug test

-Male/female – college students could do it on weekends or after class

These kids need men/women to hang out with and shoot hoops or something

– allow a 10.00 each visit for hot chocolate, refreshment or money for an arcade?

Really this could be added to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program – only pay mentors

( $25 -35 a week per youth investment at an attempt to prevent a $ 70,836 incarceration for 1 year for 1 inmate in CA?)

-California’s Annual Cost to Incarcerate an Inmate in Prison


Almost 6k a yr on psychiatric and Pharma meds? Transition to herbal/holistic & alternatives – could save drastically? Do inmates “need” fancy designer highly expensive meds? Alternatives to save tax payers?

*** Additionally,  “scared straight type speakers to talk at high schools

–life of being a single teen mom – or surviving as a single mom

– recovering addicts, prisoners, positive speakers who overcame the odds to give struggling youth hope?

These are “cost effective” preventive measures that can greatly impact youth. Ironically when in comparison to the cost to support (1) inmate or (1) single mother receiving social support,  it’s astonishing societies’ focus isn’t already on prevention? Where exactly is our society fixating it’s interests at?



Watch these & you will never look at the “system” the same again. You will see “truth”

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