Unveiling Your Gifts & Purpose

I’m not a “runner” I’ve never been a runner, God did not build me or anoint me for that.

Honestly, I’ve “disliked” running since I was a kid and I remember when the mile run was enforced at school and I always got some uncomfortable gnawing cramp in my side or my lungs felt like they were on fire. I have thick ankles ( cankles ) and I just by no means was created with a purpose to run.

I can however sprint short distances at a fast speed but I never would purposely elect to run or participate in a marathon.

When I see people running long periods of time, my mind thinks that the person has either been anointed for that or it’s some hereditary genetics that makes certain people runners. I definitely respect it,
I just don’t participate in what I wasn’t built for.

So when “I say run” it means jogging and walking through timed programmed treadmill intervals, as I don’t “run.”

I remember I once thought I had to be equally yoked at “all things” thinking that if I practiced, I could be good at anything. In my own personal experience and in my own “opinion,” I just don’t think this is the case.

Example, I once visited a couple “toastmasters” sessions where people group together and practice “public speaking.” There were people in attendance who had been practicing for “years” and when they spoke there was absolutely no passion in there voice. The presentation, facial expressions, tone looked almost generic, however, someone who had no experience could get up and awe a crowd instantly with deep passion and conviction when they spoke. This presented me with The realization that some people are gifted in certain areas that others are not.

Perhaps, if you apply yourself and practice for many years you can become “effective” at something; however, I don’t feel you will become “powerful” ( or a ten) at something that God didn’t anoint or destine you for.

Understandably, my relationship with God made me realize that continuously trying to be equally yoked at all things isn’t realistic and it causes unnecessary stress and low self esteem based solely upon unhealthy comparisons.

Throughout my journey with building a relationship with God, I’m now better capable of acknowledging  and accepting the things I’m not gifted at, like singing for example. “Oh Goodness” maybe alone in the shower but not to serenade an audience.

I can verbally accept and state with confidence that I’m also poor at running or in dealing with certain test comprehension or speed reading and absorbing data on tests like the LSAT. My brain wasn’t anointed to think or force myself to think black and white and I don’t and can’t grasp certain logic without questioning it, manipulating it or in some way taking it into some creative context. I loved learning about law, but I couldn’t grasp the LSAT and I paid 1200 bucks and took a prep course to prepare and I failed miserably.

Despite this… I can “accept and understand” why it’s difficult for me. Perhaps if I continually tried, I might at some point pass it, so I’m not telling people to give up. Understandably, life circumstances prevented me from law school but I’m extremely confident that if God had destined it, things wouldn’t have panned out in the manner that they did and I can accept that my purpose isn’t aligned with law.

I’ve learned to accept things that God didn’t “put in me” and I’ve learned to identify and recognize the things I do excel at and how to focus my attention on those particular things.

I think when you really don’t know or love yourself, you tend to get lost and start following other people’s talents and dreams and you inevitably become discouraged when you don’t excel. Not realizing, that God anointed you with specific talents and if you don’t spend alone time with yourself and allow time to reflect on your strengths you will never excel.

Everyone possesses special gifts that are designed for them, it’s learning to acknowledge your gifts that’s hard for most people, as most people will be moved to focus on what someone else is doing rather then trying to focus on what God gifted them for.

Pay attention to your visions and your personal dreams. Your dreams are not by accident and if you notice a reoccurring vision or dream there’s a reason you’re receiving it. I think God sends us hints of our purpose and destiny through our visions and dreams. If you’re 22 and have been dreaming about being a fire man/woman since you were 9 years old, your purpose is obviously tied there.

I think it’s important to be aware of the fact that your parents, friends, significant other or just random people might try to influence you to believe your destiny or purpose is tied to something they “perceive” of you. This is extremely misleading and will make you lose sight of who you are as you’re being  fed false information.

You have to spend time with yourself and reflect on your life and the visions that have been surfacing in your mind for years. I think Journaling and recording your visions and dreams is a useful tool and writing down any common themes you have held over the years. Spend quality time getting to know yourself until your strengths and gifts are more clear and become evident.

“I’m sending you an abundance of virtual love and positive energy. You are brilliant, valuable, a masterpiece & work of art. You deserve peace, happiness and all the beautiful things life can offer. You are worth it!”

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