People Dying from Numbing Pain: How to Stop

I was reading the news and saw an article in the Washington Post, that 40 Russians were killed from alcohol poisoning from drinking bath lotion in Siberian City. Apparently people who are socially disadvantaged are turning to household products to numb emotional pain without the high cost of alcohol.

Numbing your emotions is just a means of sweeping dirt under a rug that continually builds up and becomes a health hazard.

We live in a world that thinks we should feel happy at all times and this is a serious and dangerous misconception. Pain is the training ground for “growth.”

– Pain builds your strength
– Pain builds your resiliency
– Pain molds you character

– Teaches people compassion, faith, hope
– We obtain confidence when we overcome pain
– Pain often leads people to a relationship with God which in my experience can be truly life changing
– Pain can be the “motivating force” that pushes you to positive change
– When we confront our pain, acknowledge it and feel it, it initiates healing

When we learn to look at pain as temporary and truly understand that it will pass

When we acknowledge the pain as “divine training” that is molding and shaping us into the character we are destined to be

When we recognize the distinct correlation between some of the greatest leaders or innovators of history and understand the intense “adversity” they suffered we can be more appreciative of our own

We learn to “numb less” when we understand that is through “adversity” that remarkable people are born


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