Climate control scapegoat for mass Genocide

Is the climate control agenda the scapegoat for mass genocide? Is genocide the antidote for a pocketed systems inability to confront greed?

The Cow Analogy: Dairy farmers will not keep a cow that no longer produces milk. They will not allow the cow to graze all day, chew on costly grain and consume thousands of gallons of water. If they’re not profiting off the cow they load it into a truck and its off to the slaughter. This sadly is happening with organ harvesting of prisoners in China. In the USA, particularly in California, we can see the cost of living exceeds a humans ability to work full time (minimum wage) and meet the basic essentials required for living, an increase of homelessness, the criminalization of tents in some communities, tax payers who can’t afford to house and care for the lower classes. I can’t help but question the destination of all these humans and I can’t help but remenice back to concentration camps and moments of genocide. If my concerns are invalid, the question remains what’s the fate of the lower classes?

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