PaperPusher’s Prescription for Self Hate

Don’t love yourself? Take the Random Act of Kindness Challenge for 30 days

1 kind act per day & don’t tell anyone what you did “no recognition”

Examples: if you work in city – buy a box of protein bars and hand out to homeless

Raining lately? Buy an extra umbrella and carry it with you. When you see a kid or person walking around getting poured on- hand it to them

hold doors for people

Pay for the person behind you at the toll booth for the bridge

Buy a homeless person dinner

Clean out the 85% of the clothes you don’t wear and give to charity

Volunteer time with the Big Brothers foundation once a week to help a kid without a dad or a young women without a mom

Helps when you do things for strangers

Aim for “No Recognition” don’t tell people about your kind acts – “God sees everything”

*** I say 30 days because you will see a difference in how you feel about yourself

*** You will notice the positive feelings you receive when you do kind things

*** You should aim 90 days – but 30 days to see results in how you feel about yourself

*** After time passes you will “want to” do kind things voluntarily – it will be a desire

You Can Do It! You Are Worth it! You are valuable and You are Loved!






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