Father Cultivating Leaders: Sinners?

I was meditating a few nights ago about the story of Moses and his miraculous journey as a Hebrew baby placed in a basket and into a river by his Mother in obedience to Pharaoh. Interestingly, the same Pharaoh that ordered all male Hebrew babies be killed had a daughter that found Moses in the river and decided to raise him as her own.

A Hebrew orphan, miraculous saved by the Egyptian daughter of the man who wanted to take his life, Moses is raised by what you may equate to royalty.

Baby Moses grows up to become a man and is forced to flee from Pharaoh after he learns Moses killed an Egyptian for smiting a Hebrew.

Exodus 2:12 and he looked this way and that way, and when he saw that there was no man, he slew the Egyptian, and hid him in the sand.

Despite his sin, Moses is the vessel in the Old Testament that Father uses to write his commandments and lead Israel out of Egypt. I was thinking about the sin of murder and how even after Moses kills an Egyptian in Exodus 2:12, Father still seems to see a seed in Moses that he cultivates for leadership.

I posed many questions and asked Father why he chose Moses. Did he see the killing as a mere expression of defending the weak against the mighty? Perhaps he saw that Moses had compassion and empathy for a human being oppressed? Could Moses’s actions be an example of loving a neighbor as yourself? Regardless of the reasons, it’s always been my understanding that the Father sees all sin as sin. In other words murder is murder and Moses stood convicted.

After contemplation,  I concluded that the reason the Father chose Moses was that he couldn’t tolerated oppression and injustice and had a willingness to want get involved. Although he sinned, he received mercy as expressed in Exodus 33:19 when the Bible states the Father will show mercy on whomever he wishes to show mercy. The Father also knows your heart, thoughts, intentions, he’s the ultimate judge despite what the world says and he’s capable of identifying and recognizing true repentance.

After Moses flees from his sin, he becomes a Shepard, a job that might be humbling after being raised by Pharaoh’s daughter, yet the Father seems to humble Moses to prepare him to lead Israel out of Egypt.

In my opinion, Moses’s story exemplifies Father’s miraculous grace and mercy and also the power that comes from Moses’s relationship with him; evidenced when Father asks Moses to throw down his rod and it turns into a serpent (Exodus 4:3) or when Father parts the Red Sea (Exodus 14:21).

While contemplating Father’s mercy on Moses and sin, I started thinking about prisoners and how they could benefit emotionally by exploring the Bible.  I envisioned a picture of a man I saw on a prison documentary who had tattooed his face and viewed the action as self-hatred bleeding inside-out.

Satan causes a human being to feel worthless, guilt, shamed, condemned, angry etc. and demons can cause human beings to scribble over their face, (a precious masterpiece of Father, as he created man in his own image) as a desperate expression of Satan’s desire to destroy his creation.

Facial tattoos are not the only self-inflicted abuse, there are many other forms and I believe people don’t even realize they’re abusing themselves due to self hatred. (Cutting, bodily-harm, addictions, eating disorders, placing oneself in danger etc).

In John 10:10 the Bible states that Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy and I feel as though Satan constantly wants to remind mankind of repented and changed sin to bind them in guilt and in self-hatred to hinder them from fulfilling the purpose Father has for them.

Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Undeniably, Yeshua paid the ultimate price for sin by being crucified on the cross for everyone as he also left behind a healing ministry to rid sinners of demons and bring people to repentance and baptism. I studied criminal justice for 4 years and have always been interested in prisons, social issues that lead to incarceration, criminal rehabilitation and enjoy documentaries about prisons.  There’s a spiritual component to human behavior and behind the prison overcrowding. When I listen to the prisoners stories and testimonies, the medicine they’re seeking is the love of Father and his son Yeshua.

I personally see the overcrowding of prisons is primarily due to drugs and the cause is humans are escaping and numbing their human suffering. Sadly, to the extent that many numb until they die by overdose.

Humans who numb their suffering can’t be healed by more aggravated and intensified human suffering or by being treated like animals. While the animal like treatment may permanently keep them encaged and the economy can profit off their life-long debilitation, any goal promoting returning the prisoners to society to become taxpayers will more than likely fail.

I find it interesting that even prior to Yeshua’s ministry in the Old Testament we can see that the Father had mercy on Moses after killing someone. Satan wants people to be stuck in guilt, steal their lives, destroy their bodies and ultimately wants humans to sacrifice their souls to him and kill themselves.

The love prisoners often desire they seek from gang membership that can cause them to commit crime. The emotional pain of rejection, worthlessness and self-hatred can be fulfilled by a relationship with the Father and his son Yeshua. The Bible explains why Yeshua had to suffer and the cause of human suffering. I believe the Bible can cause a paradigm-shift in thought, that your human suffering is necessary, unavoidable and can help ease the desire to numb. Also the feeling of acknowledging that the Father loves you, even if you feel that no one else does can be medicinal.

Father’s mercy on Moses after he killed an Egyptian is no different than the mercy received by Mary Magdalene’s sins by Yeshua. Despite some critics, Mary Magdalene had seven demons delivered out of her and she was discipled by Yeshua in a male dominated period of time. This is evident when Martha (Mary’s sister) interrupted Yeshua teaching her so she could help with chores. Yeshua did not permit it. (Luke 10:39-42). Also, Simon tells Yeshua in (Luke 7:39-50) that he shouldn’t allow Mary Magdalene to touch his feet as she’s a known sinner. Yeshua doesn’t ask her to stop what she’s doing, he merely explains to Simon in a parable why she’s forgiven and it’s due to her loving him much.

When people slander people they’re doing Satan’s job. We have to remember who loves us, his sovereignty and that he’s the judge. Also, I don’t think we should come into agreement with the world’s view of our worth, capabilities, judgements or ideas for our future. We should look to Father and ask him to align our feet with his will and purpose for our lives. Yeshua prayed hours before selecting his disciples and he didn’t look at a carnal list of resumes, qualifications and characteristics, he asked Father to guide him to select people with different backgrounds who align with his will and purposes. (Remember, that even Judas had a purpose).

Only the Father knows his will and purpose for your life and when the world wants to wave your past in front of you, it helps to remember Father’s mercy and his Son who died for you. We can also be encouraged by characters such as Moses and Mary Magdalene and many other Bible stories.

“When the world rejects you, hates you and despises you, Lord LOVES you so much he died for you.”