Wash Your Hands & Matthew 15:1-20

“Wash Your Hands…. Wash Your Hands…. Wash Your Hands….“

People are now buying devices so they don’t need to push buttons or open doors with their hands. I saw a device today in a store and felt concerned about it and I’ve been thinking about Jesus.

People are sanitizing and washing their hands religiously and I thought about how Jesus offended the Pharisees for not following the tradition of the elders by having his disciples wash their hands.

I feel like it’s counterproductive to not allow the body to fight germs on a continuous basis so the immune system God created in your body is strong? God created our systems to fight sickness and if you don’t allow your body to ever have to fight, won’t it become weak in its ability to defend itself? You hear about the over-use of antibiotics in children leading to the constant need for more antibiotics nearly everytime they become sick because their bodies become weakened. Also interesting, eating antibiotics injected into animals to be used for human consumption? Does that weaken your bodies defense as well? Obviously would need to ask the experts and there’s no time as this is a quick blog not a research project. My focus here is Jesus.

In Matthew 15:1-20 KJV Jesus seems to align what comes out of our mouth and heart as defiling. I see this as a potential self induced curse that can manifest as sickness. Obviously, not all sickness is the result of sin and that’s demonstrated in the Book of Job. God used sickness as a test to weigh loyalty to him. I feel that he also uses sickness to enforce rest or to get your attention and focus or to try your faith and help you reach your suffering criteria of his test.

Aside from the unavoidable reasons, can some sickness be God’s chastisement caused by sin or verbal self-induced cursing? Can we manifest sickness by what comes out of our hearts? Perhaps I’m misinterpreting?

While it’s interesting for me to consider Jesus Christ’s healing ministry and the spiritual component to sickness and disease, I can’t help but want to wash my hands after touching grocery carts or doors in public restrooms. I wonder if this is truly the carnal world manipulating us into believing the hand washing is truly necessary? Is God peering down at me laughing at me do something that was taught traditionally, yet completely is unnecessary? Since a child I’ve been taught to envision germs all over my hands and while I’m not prepared now to stop washing my hands, I’m also not going to start avoiding touching everything all together. I feel like COVID is creating a ridiculous phobia that I don’t feel comfortable coming into agreement with? If it’s my time to die, Abba doesn’t need COVID virus to take me home? God can make my heart stop at any moment, which is why I feel wearing a mask isn’t necessary unless to follow the rules of the authorities. God knows the date, time and end for me already, he knows the time for everyone else as well. While I don’t believe that God would want us to behave hazardously,  I can’t help thinking about JESUS and that he didn’t seem to feel it was necessary for his disciples to wash their hands? It’s not what goes in your mouth that defiles, it’s what comes out of your mouth and proceeds from your heart. Here I am now standing here thousands of years later “Wash Your Hands… Wash Your Hands…. Wash Your Hands…. and I’m thinking of Jesus offending the Pharisees? Is this truly necessary? My Lord Jesus didn’t seem to think so?  Misinterpretation? Thoughts?