Wash Your Hands & Ephesians 2:5-6

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This evening I was looking at photos online  and I found a funny picture of someone washing their hands of little lambs, (I’ll post below). I had been pondering the Matthew 15:1-20 and the  blog I wrote previously regarding Jesus  (see blogs) and how he didn’t teach his disciples to follow the tradition of the elders in washing their hands before eating and my thoughts around whether or not it’s really necessary. I was never stating that I planned to stop washing my hands, I was merely stating that I wouldn’t allow myself to develop a phobia of touching things and refuse to touch anything. My concern would be that no exposure to germs could halt my immune system from normal strength conditioning sessions to keep my immune system strong?

Upon further contemplation, I was considering Ephesians 2:5-6 when the Bible states that God has quickened us together with Christ and we are seated in heavenly places with Jesus and was thinking about a utube video I once watched of a Christian Physicist who lectured about God and our reality. It was a truly deep lecture as he pulled a chair in front of him as an example of a material object and stated, “if we touch the chair we think the chair exists, but does it really exist?” I can’t remember the exact context, nor can I find the Utube to share, I merely wanted to bring up the question and pose it to you? You’re sitting in a chair right now? It feels sturdy and it’s holding you… but is there really a chair there holding you? It’s a weird question and the Physicist even mentioned in his lecture that some physicists have thought themselves mad.

When I meditate on the idea that I’m seated in heavenly places with Jesus Christ as depicted in Ephesians 2:6, I envision myself laying on a Cat-Scan device with virtual goggles on my eyes and I have Jesus sitting beside me.

Ephesians 2:5 (KJV) Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;) 6And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:



I imagine that our technological advances are like cave men rubbing together two sticks to make a fire in comparison with the mind and capabilities of Father God, our Creator. We are like little ants sitting in a plastic ant farm with a “made in China” sticker on the side and our minds cannot conceptualize the capabilities of our Creator.



Are we being tested? Is this world likes a matrix (that sounds so cliché) but the Bible states that Father God is seeking worshippers for his kingdom. I often wonder if the test is to see if we can hear his voice over all the programming of this world.

John 4:23 But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. 24 God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

Contemplating why Jesus didn’t request his disciples wash their hands prior to eating and how he thought it was a tradition of the elders that was senseless. Jesus said it’s not what you put into your mouth that defiles you,  but what comes out of your mouth that does. I think of verbal cursing that causes illness,  sins that move God to chastisement that includes a curse from Deuteronomy 28 of illness, suffering trial, or a means for the Father to get someone’s attention? Jesus didn’t think washing hands before eating was necessary so why do we?

We open our eyes the day we are born and we begin a journey of being programmed. We have been taught that germs are crawling all over our hands and that we’ll get sick if we eat them. We are taught to do things from our parents, following holidays, sayings, traditions etc. and most people don’t know a lot of historically context behind the reasons for what they’re doing. We’ve been programmed to do it. My parents did… and that’s all I need to know. 85% of everyone I know is… that’s all I need to know.



I imagine if this is truly a virtual reality testing experience how funny it must look to God to see me washing my hands as if they are truly of material substance. It would be like feeling the need to wash Pac-Man’s hands before he eats marbles in an Arcade Game. Right!? Absolutely unnecessary if we are like Pac Man. How ridiculous and yet we have been programmed since birth by this world to think it is necessary.

On another note, God staring at women as we have been taught that mascara makes us look pretty when we rub it on our lashes only to realize some mascara is made with Bat feces and Satan is peering at us laughing. We are Father God’s creation. Formed by the highest intellect in the universe, a  beautiful masterpiece and yet programmed by the world to believe that smearing whale blubber on your lips to darken them is highly attractive and God is staring at you like “Who told you to do that?!” Programmed. Satan’s laughing and yet I can’t stop washing my hands… I wonder if God is making me aware of these things or if these are just fun and entertaining blogs of silly insights to share??? Nonetheless, I enjoy being creative.

Enjoy the journey….


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Wash Your Hands & Matthew 15:1-20



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