Wilt Thou Grow?

One verily, lovely afternoon, a peculiar lady named Dorcas, arrived to babysit her two nieces. Dorcas was so happy her sister and brother-in-law had an event to attend. She couldn’t wait to see Princess Vivien and Isabel.


“Girls, Auntie Dorcas is here,” said Mrs. Gardner as she opened the door.


“Princess Vivien! Princess Isabel! Where are you?” asked Aunt Dorcas as she searched the house. Aunt Dorcas giggled and walked over to Isabel, who was hiding under a cover, and Aunt Dorcas gently tugged on it. “Oh, look what I found! I see you,” said Aunt Dorcas.

Isabel giggled, and Vivien crawled out from hiding behind the couch as their parents walked to them.


“Come here, girls. Give me hugs,” said Mr. Gardner. “Your mother and I are going out for a few hours. Be good and enjoy your time with Auntie Dorcas.”

Mrs. Gardner leaned down to hug Vivien and Isabel goodbye. “Be good. I love you both,” said Mrs. Gardner, and she kissed the girls and left with Mr. Gardner.

As the front door closed, Vivien and Isabel called out, “Bye! Love you!” Then they ran towards their toy box and grabbed two squirt guns.


“Auntie Dorcas, can we go outside and play?” asked Vivien.

Aunt Dorcas grabbed a yellow bucket and said, “Sure, come on Vivien and Miss Isabel.” She walked with the girls to the backyard and began filling the bucket with water so the girls could fill their water guns.


“Uh, oh,” said Aunt Dorcas. “I smell smoke. Hurry, Vivien and Isabel! Sound your alarms! Hurry, run! Go put that fire out!”

Vivien and Isabel dashed across the yard, squirting their water guns.

“Hold on,” screamed Isabel.

Vivien laughed. “Help is on the way!”


Once the side of the house was drenched with water and Isabel finished saving Molly the Dolly, the girls ran back towards Aunt Dorcas.

“Auntie!” shouted Vivien. “We put the fire out and saved the day!”

Aunt Dorcas smiled. “I’m proud of both of you. Come over here and refill your water guns again. I need you to come help me save these flowers.”

Aunt Dorcas stood in front of three flower pots, each had wilted flowers inside of them.

“We forgot to water them,” said Vivien as she and Isabel began squirting the flowers.

“They look really thirsty,” said Aunt Dorcas, peering down at one of the wilted flowers. “Beautiful flower. Pretty, kind, radiant, lovely flower. I love you flower!”

Isabel giggled. “Auntie Dorcas, you’re so silly.”


“Why are you talking to the flower?” Isabel asked.

Vivien leaned in close, shoulder to shoulder with Aunt Dorcas and Isabel. “Yes, Auntie, why are you doing that?”

Aunt Dorcas touched the plants’ leaves with her finger and said, “Plants and flowers are alive, and when you say kind and loving words, you will help them grow. If you say mean words, they will wilt and dry up over time.”


Isabel grabbed one of the flowers and said, “Hi, pretty flower. You’re a pretty flower. Will you grow?”

Vivien grabbed another flower and said, “Beautiful flower, kind flower, I love you flower. Will you grow?”

“I bet those flowers truly appreciate you. You’re being so kind. Let’s go in the house now. I’m going to start dinner. Who wants to help?” asked Aunt Dorcas.


Isabel and Vivien both rushed towards the door.

Vivien peered over at Isabel angrily, “I’m helping first!” she said.

Isabel cried out, “No! I want to help first!”

Vivien yelled, “No, you doodie! You’re too short to reach anything!”

Isabel looked down at the ground, and Aunt Dorcas walked over to her, picked her up, and looked towards Vivien.


“Do you remember the wilted flowers outside and how we said nice words to help them grow?” Aunt Dorcas asked.

Vivien replied, “Yes, I remember. You said they’re alive and that kind words can help them grow.”

Auntie Dorcas put Isabel down beside her and lifted her hands to the sides of her head to make her hands appear like flower petals as she slightly tilted her head downward in an attempt to appear like a human flower. “Now,” said Aunt Dorcas, “say some mean words to me.”


Vivien grinned and after a short pause, looked at Aunt Dorcas and said, “Stupid flower! Boogie eater! Meanie!”

With each word, Auntie Dorcas’s head sank lower and lower as she cried out, “I’m wilting. I’m wilting. Oh, what a world, what a world, what a world!” Aunt Dorcas’s hands wilted until they were collapsed to her sides. “Now,” whispered Auntie Dorcas, “treat me just as you treated the wilted flowers outside.”


Isabel jumped in and looked at Aunt Dorcas. “Flower, you’re pretty.”

Then Vivien called out, “Smart flower! Love you flower!”

As the girls spoke kind words, Aunt Dorcas’s head began to lift, her frown turned to a smile, and her hand petals grew and rose back up into a healthy, happy flower!


Giggling, the girls continued to say unkind words, and Auntie Dorcas would wilt. Then the girls would say kind words, and Aunt Dorcas would blossom again.

Auntie Dorcas stopped and looked at Vivien. “Now, try that with your sister.”

Vivien grinned and looked at Isabel. “You’re smart. You don’t eat boogers, and you’re kind and not a meanie.”


“Wow, Vivien, that’s very nice of you! You can be kind to people and help people feel good and grow. Or we can be unkind to people and make people wilt like flowers and feel low,” said Aunt Dorcas.


“I like to see happy flowers that grow!” said Vivien.

Auntie Dorcas replied, “Me, too. If we speak kind words, our words are like seeds that can help create a kinder world for everyone.” Auntie Dorcas gave the girls a big hug and said, “Now let’s go speak kind words to the broccoli in the kitchen to see if we can make more grow for your dinner plates!”


Isabel and Vivien ran to the kitchen, and as they peered over the broccoli, they looked at one another.

Vivien said, “Stupid broccoli.”

Isabel laughed and said, “You stink! Stinky broccoli.”

Aunt Dorcas laughed and leaned over the broccoli. “We love you broccoli. Nutritious broccoli.  Help us grow taller broccoli.”

Isabel grinned. “Kind broccoli. Just please taste better broccoli.”


“Love you broccoli!” Vivien said.


The End.


Do you speak love?


Dana Louise