Witchcraft Manipulation

Just wanted to share a quick note. I once listed to a Utube video by Derek Prince on witchcraft and remember him stating in a very practical way that there are three common themes to witchcraft; intimidation, manipulation and domination. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced living in an area where they use the term “Snitches Wind Up in Ditches?” It’s typically a term you hear in poorer neighborhoods or perhaps in jails in prisons? A couple months ago I was thinking about the term and how it’s a true example of witchcraft manipulation.

Example: A man is walking down the street and witnesses another man being severely beaten. The witness is concerned the man might lose his life and calls the Police. The witness is acting as a good Samaritan and is truly concerned about the victims life. Witchcraft manipulation implements reverse psychology, when the criminal who is then arrested learns that a witness called the Police, he reverses the situation, becomes victimized and is not accountable, it’s the snitches fault. There is then a sense of unity that occurs when a group will join together and collectively shame the good Samaritan that he is lowly, weak, disgraced etc. It’s as though a satanic force is behind the manipulation and people truly feel outraged at someone who was concerned about someone else’s life. I believe the term and its use is an example of satanic manipulation. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Can you think of any other examples? Have a great evening.

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