For the Love of God – the Lights Came On

  Imagine Satan is real & his networks are real  (if you’re a non believer) Absorb and recognize Satan’s plan is to kill, steal and destroy Imagine Nutrition “DOES” severely impact “mental & physical health & the promotion of human sanity and well being Imagine Satan’s networks raise the prices of foods that make us… Read Article →

“The world is overflowing with arrogance, pride, ego, self entitlement, jealousy, envy, negativity and hate. You want to be unique and make a difference? “Speak love”. Humans are suffering, society is lacking positivity, compliments, care, concern and love. You never know if someone’s on their last string, your words could save someone.” ❤️ PaperPusher1111

“The world rejects you since you’re not of this world. You are treated as though you’re invisible because you’ve been rejected by the world in order to be accepted by God. The “thorn” is the pain of feeling “invisible” or “rejected” as humans tend to need to feel a sense of “acceptance.” The thorn is… Read Article →

Society needs mentors. And although unfortunate, the nation’s just not overflowing with an abundance of volunteers. My thought? We need to pay them $20-25 an hour will get men & women to sign up to support a youth an hour a week. It’s sad you have to pay people but time is everyone’s most valuable asset,… Read Article →

I’m not a “runner” I’ve never been a runner, God did not build me or anoint me for that. Honestly, I’ve “disliked” running since I was a kid and I remember when the mile run was enforced at school and I always got some uncomfortable gnawing cramp in my side or my lungs felt like they were… Read Article →

So you’ve read the Paper Pusher’s Prescription for Self Hate? It was a blog where I discussed the importance of daily random acts of kindness done in secrecy without recognition to develop self-love? Perhaps you’ve been participating in such acts in addition to hanging up post-it notes with positive assertions all over your walls yet… Read Article →

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