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James 1:4 KJV “But let patience hv [her] perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” “If being rich doesn’t necessarily equate to being happy, then learning how to find joy while being poor [in a financial sense] is a gift from God. Praise my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!” #JesusSaves #LessIsMore… Read Article →

I used to stand at the greeting card aisle in a store for like an hour… Trying to buy cards for people because you feel like it’s appropriate. Once you finally find a card that fits their personality, interests or likes, you’ll look inside and read the greeting only to grit your teeth. It either… Read Article →

Lesson RE: Melon Delivered via Random Bird in Sky I spent the yesterday afternoon with my 12 year old little brother Jesse. I was following him on a log we were walking on and some birds flew over and descended down. One bird was flapping close above my brothers head ( 10 feet feet above)… Read Article →

My Lord Jesus’s Faith Building Practice Life crisis used to send me  in heavy panic. Life experience has taught me that the “crises” is really just Jesus holding me off a cliff or building by an arm to test my faith. Once he does it enough times you realize his purpose for doing it. When… Read Article →

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