If you dwell in self pity you’ll catch depression

If you dwell in self pity, you’ll catch depression. Conduct an it could always be worse assessment. Compassion for yourself while going through a trial is one thing, self pity is another. You’re an overcomer, you’re a survivor, you’re going to get through this part of the test! Embrace the training as it builds endurance and resilience.

The Day You Stop Learning

The day you believe you know so much that you believe a random person standing next to you has absolutely nothing they can offer or teach you, is the day you stop learning. There’s something you can learn from any and everyone.


If the Lord Jesus Christ did not destine it

“If the Lord Jesus Christ did not destine it… Then it’s certainly of no loss”


Jeremiah 29:11King James Version (KJV)

11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


Save a Life and Speak Love

“The world is overflowing with arrogance, pride, ego, self entitlement, jealousy, envy, negativity and hate. You want to be unique and make a difference? “Speak love”. Humans are suffering, society is lacking positivity, compliments, care, concern and love. You never know if someone’s on their last string, your words could save someone.”

❤️ PaperPusher1111

PaperPusher’s Prescription for Self Hate

Don’t love yourself?Take the Random Act of Kindness Challenge for 30 days-1 kind act per day & don’t tell anyone what u did “no recognition”

Examples: if you work in city – buy a box of protein bars and hand out to homeless

Raining lately? Buy an extra umbrella and carry it with you. When you see a kid or person walking around getting poured on- hand it to them

hold doors for people

Pay for the person behind you at the toll booth for the bridge

Buy a homeless person dinner

Clean out the 85% of the clothes you don’t wear and give to charity

Volunteer time with the Big Brothers foundation once a week to help a kid without a dad or a young women without a mom

Helps when you do things for strangers

Aim for “No Recognition” don’t tell people about your kind acts – “God sees everything”

*** I say 30 days because you will see a difference in how you feel about yourself

*** You will notice the positive feelings you receive when you do kind things

*** You should aim 90 days – but 30 days to see results in how you feel about yourself

*** After time passes you will “want to” do kind things voluntarily – it will be a desire

You Can Do It! You Are Worth it! You are valuable and You are Loved!