Climate control scapegoat for mass Genocide

Is the climate control agenda the scapegoat for mass genocide? Is genocide the antidote for a pocketed systems inability to confront greed?

The Cow Analogy: Dairy farmers will not keep a cow that no longer produces milk. They will not allow the cow to graze all day, chew on costly grain and consume thousands of gallons of water. If they’re not profiting off the cow they load it into a truck and its off to the slaughter. This sadly is happening with organ harvesting of prisoners in China. In the USA, particularly in California, we can see the cost of living exceeds a humans ability to work full time (minimum wage) and meet the basic essentials required for living, an increase of homelessness, the criminalization of tents in some communities, tax payers who can’t afford to house and care for the lower classes. I can’t help but question the destination of all these humans and I can’t help but remenice back to concentration camps and moments of genocide. If my concerns are invalid, the question remains what’s the fate of the lower classes?

The Mind of the Unbeliever

Contemplation of God’s existence for an unbeliever is like the mind of an ant, trying to conceptualize the manufacturer of the ant farm it’s living in.


Detach Through Humor

Have you seen the movie Forest Gump? Do you remember when Forest is being chased down by a group of men throwing rocks from a truck that’s trying to run him down? Have you ever noticed throughout the film, Forest ironically shows a positive response to what most people would consider to be seriously traumatizing situations.

A walk home with Jenny, to Free Dr. Peppers to all you can eat ice cream… Forest finds a sense of joy or gratitude throughout his trying situations. I find humor in distressing situations can bring about some relief from the pain. Providing brief moments of joy, even while in suffering.

Likewise, if you need to escape, turn up your head phones and breakaway with music and find humor in the situation. Listen to something random that makes you laugh and removes you from the situation. Visualize some humor or focus on something you can find or bring gratitude to the situation. Forest brought gratitude and humor to everything. “Well… I got shot in the buttocks, but hey! I can have ALL the FREE ice cream I can eat!!!”

Forest Gump is a great example of a positive minded person, who found “Joy in all his sufferings.”

Matthew 18:3King James Version (KJV)

3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

If you dwell in self pity you’ll catch depression

If you dwell in self pity, you’ll catch depression. Conduct an it could always be worse assessment. Compassion for yourself while going through a trial is one thing, self pity is another. You’re an overcomer, you’re a survivor, you’re going to get through this part of the test! Embrace the training as it builds endurance and resilience.

The Day You Stop Learning

The day you believe you know so much that a random person standing next to you has nothing they can offer or teach you, is the day you stop learning. There’s something we can learn from everyone.


Big Bang: Part of God’s Process

Does Science explain there’s no God?
Or is science merely describing God’s process? Perhaps when God created  Earth… the Big Bang WAS God’s Process?

If the Lord Did Not Destine it

“If the Lord did not destine it… Then it’s certainly of no loss”

Jeremiah 29:11  (KJV) For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


PaperPusher’s Prescription for Self Hate

Don’t love yourself? Take the Random Act of Kindness Challenge for 30 days

1 kind act per day & don’t tell anyone what you did “no recognition”

Examples: if you work in city – buy a box of protein bars and hand out to homeless

Raining lately? Buy an extra umbrella and carry it with you. When you see a kid or person walking around getting poured on- hand it to them

hold doors for people

Pay for the person behind you at the toll booth for the bridge

Buy a homeless person dinner

Clean out the 85% of the clothes you don’t wear and give to charity

Volunteer time with the Big Brothers foundation once a week to help a kid without a dad or a young women without a mom

Helps when you do things for strangers

Aim for “No Recognition” don’t tell people about your kind acts – “God sees everything”

*** I say 30 days because you will see a difference in how you feel about yourself

*** You will notice the positive feelings you receive when you do kind things

*** You should aim 90 days – but 30 days to see results in how you feel about yourself

*** After time passes you will “want to” do kind things voluntarily – it will be a desire

You Can Do It! You Are Worth it! You are valuable and You are Loved!