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It’s not a war on opioids it’s a war on greed and a nation addicted to numbing human suffering. Once the body gets used to a self numbing technique, the body seeks an increased dosage and the human will continue to find more potent numbing methods until it overdoses. World needs Jesus Christ.

Faith March: God is Able Hallelujah You are worthy Yeshua Hallelujah You are worthy Abba Lion of the Tribe of Judah Glory, Power, Jesus God is Able Make it rain Manna from the sky God is Able Make a river appear, under a desert sky God is Able Make a way, in wilderness Glory, Power,… Read Article →

Contemplation of God’s existence for an unbeliever is like the mind of an ant, trying to conceptualize the manufacturer of the ant farm it’s living in. John 6:44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

Jesus Christ was the only sinless human that ever walked on Earth. Yet despite the fact that Jesus never sinned, nor did any deceit come out of his mouth, jealousy and envy found a way to crucify him. Interestingly, in Matthew 27:18 KJV, Pilate states that envy was the reason that Jesus Christ was delivered… Read Article →

The day you believe you know so much that you believe a random person standing next to you has absolutely nothing they can offer or teach you, is the day you stop learning. There’s something you can learn from any and everyone. 1111Zion1111

Does Science explain there’s no God? Or is science merely describing God’s process? Perhaps when God created heaven & earth… the Big Bang WAS God’s Process?

Don’t love yourself?Take the Random Act of Kindness Challenge for 30 days-1 kind act per day & don’t tell anyone what u did “no recognition” Examples: if you work in city – buy a box of protein bars and hand out to homeless Raining lately? Buy an extra umbrella and carry it with you. When… Read Article →

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